The deluxe radio chime with a huge range. Satisfies the utmost requirements for functionality and individual design functions. Moreover this doorbell can be connected to the existing push button of your entrance or the existing (wired) doorbell, which allows the installation to almost all intercom and doorbell systems. Special feature: distance booster for unlimited use.

new: motion detector for use at the store entrance available as additional option (see on top), 49 feet (15m) optic range at 108° surveillance angle, changing lenses allows different surveillance range, operating range of 1640 feet (500m), with installation joint, retarding adjustable 3-60s, batteries included, replaces an expensive photoelectric barrier for the signalisation of entering customers.

* 16 appealing polyphonic melodies (including 2/3 tone, Westminster, classical, pan pipes, kettledrum, glockenspiel, dog), see below
* user-friendly selection of melodies and two alternately flashing super-bright white LEDs. easyTIP system
* alarm function with emergency call tone for special situations
* distance booster: any desired range can be achieved by linking several transmitter/receiver combinations. Click here to see the different paging options.
* water-proof combination transmission button (IP54) with inscribable nameplate and LED transmission indicator
* 20 different paging signals for optimum access control, max. 20 transmitters can be memorised
* central paging: several receivers can be controlled from a single transmitter
* individual paging: each receiver can be controlled individually from additional transmitters
* matrix paging: combined central and individual paging is possible * transmitter/Receiver pre-programmed at the factory. Easy memorising of additional transmitters at the touch of a button. easyTIP system
* optical and acoustic LowBatt display for the batteries of the receiver AND of the transmitter
* 4-stage slide switch for paging signal setting (1-melody/ flashing; 2-melody only; 3-flashing only; 4-mute)
* individual design via 12 supplied glossy motif covers or your own "creations" and high-quality acrylic sheet with real glass look. Click here to see the different motifs.
* acrylic sheet lightly frosted on one side. According to installation, various effects can be obtained with this (depth of focus)

















* receiver: can be set up on a surface, hung up or screwed into place; transmitter: can be screwed into place or hung up with a clip
* compatible with almost all intercom and doorbell systems (page forwarding as standard feature)
* control unit easily accessible
* a neutral covering cap is enclosed for the transmitter especially for installation with page forwarding.

Technical catalog:
* operating range 1640 feet (500m), transmission frequency 868.35 MHz
* walls, doors, metal parts etc. may significantly reduce the range!
* where required, use distance booster through the installation of further radio sets
* volume max. 83 dB(A), infinitely adjustable, ideal for people with hearing difficulties, mute function with optical control
* receiver: batteries 4 x 1.5 V (alternatively, model LR14/C or with supplied adapter model LR6/AA, batteries not included in scope of delivery) or 8–12 V=/~ (via socket or terminal)
* transmitter: batteries 2 x 1.5 V (model LR03/AAA, included in scope of delivery) or 8–12 V= (via terminal)
* typical battery service life: transmitter: 5–10 years, receiver: 5–10 years (when using model LR14/C batteries, otherwise approx. 1–2 years)
* dimensions: receiver: 7.09" x 5.51" x 1.97" (180 x 140 x 50 mm), transmitter 1.42" x 3.94 x 0.67" (36 x 100 x 17 mm)

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wireless doorbell as upgrade, black, interchangeable motifs

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