Octavo® Wet Classic

Octavo® Wet Classic
Octavo® Wet Classic Octavo® Wet Classic Octavo® Wet Classic Octavo® Wet Classic
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The bell is ringing - a cheerful, light sound accompanies the dance of the sound tubes.

Do you also wish an optically and tonally harmonious environment ?
This decorative, high-quality, electric doorbell combines attractive design, natural sound worlds and full function.

Type Octavo® Wet Classic represents a fresh version of the silver doorbell.

The mat reflections of the top and of the sound tubes stress the optical unit of both elements. Simultanously the drops of water lead to a brilliance which harmonizes with the surrounding colors and transmits freshness and mobility.
Like the dew in the sunrise, this version glitters in the daylight and brightens your entrance.

The organic character of this doorbell suits extraordinary well to natural walls, structured wallpaper or textile wall decoration.

Sound test:
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Press release:
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Voltage: 8 - 12 V AC ~ or battery 9V DC =
Dimensions: 41 x 14 x 11,5 cm, 16.14" x 5.51" x 4.53"
Sound: 8 metallic tubes, B Major OcTave, 77 - 80 dB (A)

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