Programmable SD-Card doorchimes with hifi sound, white

Programmable SD-Card doorchimes with hifi sound, white
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Programmable doorchimes with hifi sound and slot for SD card. Best function and brilliance in sound. White glossy surface.

*individual ringing melodies programmable, maximum 90 s play time/LED-flash
*software included for compilation of ringing melodies
*mute function, ringing volume control, depending on specific melody max. 85 dB(A)
*2-ways ringing signal for 2 different entrances
*keys for customer friendly choice of melody
*integrated LED flashing which be used or not

Sound samples:

Sound1 Sound4 Sound7
Sound2 Sound5 Sound8
Sound3 Sound6 Sound9

technical data:
*dimensions: 18 x 12 x 5 cm (0.71" x 0.47" x 0.19")
*installation: 8-12V=/~ (via terminal)
*compatible with almost all intercoms
*batteries 4x1,5V, batteries not included in the packaging
*typical battery lifetime for type LR14/c batteries: about 3 years
*optical and acoustic LowBatt-signal for batteries


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